As I have stated before, surrounding your child in images of horror and vampirism from an early age will result in long term mental problems and psychological problems. By terrifying your child and brainwashing them into the darker side of life you are setting them up for a lifetime of pain. What is wrong with giving your child a real childhood filled with joy and laughter and happy images? The way Goths are bringing your children up is wrong, and should be considered child abuse. Yet the laws are not in place to protect children from the Goth lifestyle yet. This is something we are trying to change.


My point is that a mother who looks and dresses like a sick circus freak, who self harms in front of her child, who is obsessed with death and suicide, who holds BDSM parties that consist of bondage and rape, is hardly a fitting role model for children. That is why we are campaigning for all Goth parents to be investigated by the child protection authorities.


We believe that Goths are not fit to be parents in any way. Goths should have their children taken from them after they are born, and given to good clean-living Christian families who have decent morals and a good standing in the community.


And now we are finding websites that sell gothic clothing for children as young as kindergarten age. So that their sick gothic parents can dress their kids as Halloween freak-shows just like themselves. Sites that sell 'bondage' clothing for babies. For babies? Don't you find that wrong and sick? Not just from a Christian point of view, but also a common sense objective. Goths who subject their children to this sort of abuse are just sick in the head.


I am willing to bet that every Goth parent owns at least one horror film that deals with witchcraft or vampirism, or has a Harry Potter novel, or book on Wicca or the supernatural, or has clothes of a perverse nature. It is not difficult to let Lucifer into your home. The Bible teaches us that having anything in your home that glorifies, or discusses or shows the occult, or anything related to the darker side of life in any shape or form, is nothing short of taking your first step down the slippery slope that leads to Hell. You may find this hard to believe, but even allowing your child to watch a mere 5 minutes of a Harry Potter movie is enough for you to damn their souls to Hell for an eternity. This is something you should think long and hard about. Is it really worth it? Before many of these kids can even walk they are lost because of their upbringing.



From our studies on this matter there are 5 types or levels of gothic child abuse. As we believe all Goths abuse their children in at least some way or another, be it meaningful or not. Goths are a walking monstrosity, and we believe unfit to bring up Children. Children need the support of good Christian homes with families who will love and nurture their children, not rape and mentally scar them.

1 - Sexual abuse.

We believe that many Goths are child molesters, mainly due to the fact that they themselves have been sexually abused as Children. We are seeing more and more children coming onto our forums every year telling us of their abusive life, telling us they are all rape victims. Well what do they expect if they dress like a common whore? If you dress like trash, men will think you're easy and treat you like trash. It's really no ones fault but their own. You play, you pay.


And what is even more worrying is that many of these Goths ignore important Biblical teachings regarding their salvation. Instead of marrying the man who has raped them, as the Bible instructs they MUST do if they seek to please God (see Deuteronomy 22:28-29), they choose to turn their backs on Christianity. They will end up burning for all time because of it.


But back onto the subject in hand, it is a well known fact that child abuse runs in the family. As Children accept they way they were brought up as the 'norm', when they grow into adults they think this is the way parents are supposed to act, and so the sorry cycle goes on. We estimate that at least 45 % of Goths have raped or been raped or abused in some way, and at least 10% have molested children. Be it their own, or friends. What do they expect when they get into a seedy sexual world of bondage, torture and BDSM parties with their children present. Many clothing stores sell bondage clothing for children.

2 - Satanic abuse.

Also known as 'ritual abuse', this type of child abuse can take the form of sexual abuse, also infant human sacrifice is not unheard of. Satanic child abuse covens in the world of witchcraft and Wicca is very common indeed, many taking the form of abortion clinics as fronts for their depraved ritual sacrifice.


See also these various articles on this subject.



3 - Neglect.

Many gothic parents are drug addicts. Who looks after the children when they are hooked on crystal meth or crack cocaine? No-one, they probably lie screaming for attention when their parents lie stoned and incapable.

4 - Physical abuse. Goths are known for their violent tempers and deteriorating mental state. Their taste for pain, piercing and self-harming. It is only a matter of time before they project this taste for self mutilation on their innocent kids.

5 - Mental Abuse.

All Goths abuse their children mentally, and they don’t even realize it. Surrounding their kids with images of horror and the darker side of life, leaving razor blades, books on Satanism, horror movies lying around in plain view of their children. What sort of a life is that? To be brought up by a freak who parades around dressed as a whore, wearing bondage and fetish clothing around their kids. Men cross-dressing, wearing make-up, eye liner and nail polish. Playing them loud abusive metal music with lyrics about murder and rape when these children should be listening to nursery rhymes. Subjecting them to the evils of MTV when they should be watching Looney-tunes and cartoons appropriate for children. How will the children grow up?

One thing's for sure, all will have long term mental problems. They will be bullied in school because of the sick way their parents dress them, they will be open to rape and abuse by their parents friends, and they will end up screwed up for life.

We are trying to help parents understand that their children are in danger everyday they allow them to continue living the sick gothic lifestyle. This site has been were set up to educate parents and help Goths understand their sickness. It is not just a matter of faith, it is a matter of common sense. If you hang out with drug addicts and losers and suicidal freaks who think self harming is cool and dress like a whore what do you expect but abuse? Parents need to do everything in their power to change their children, instead of accepting this vile culture. When their children end up dead, hooked on crack or violently raped it will be no ones fault but their own.




We were first made aware of this problem around six years ago. At this time a sick gothic couple moved to our town. Obviously we were horrified! These people were quite repulsive, and from what I’m told they weren’t even married. Their child was the same age as my eldest daughter, and because of this they ended up in the same class at our local elementary school. I remember distinctly the first day that sick little freak attended the school, because my daughter came home in quite a state. She told me she had a witch in her class. Naturally I went to the school to see what was happening, and my worst fears were realized. This child was dressed up like a Halloween horror show. It was obvious she was being abused. I mean, what parents in their right mind would dress a child like that? 


I was up at school everyday making sure my daughter was safe. I complained to the head teacher every day about this matter until the girl was asked to dress in the appropriate attire. I also told my daughter to steer well clear of this disgusting child, as she probably had aids or other diseases and was a whore. Her parents were garbage, and they were making her into garbage too. I don’t want my child turning out like that too. And that was when the trouble started.


At first everything was fine, but then after only a week this twisted little monster started making false accusations against my child. It was obvious her parents put her up to it. These Goths hate Christians, and will go to great lengths to make us look bad. We have found this out to great regret on our online forums. Goths on these forums spread lies about our peaceful Christian organization. They call me a lunatic, they accuse my followers of hacking their computers, attacking online gothic groups, sending them viruses, and other slanderous lies about our peaceful Christian Church. We really don’t want to be labeled a “church of hate”.


Anyways, this little bitch first accused my daughter of burning her schoolbooks, shouting obscenities, harassment, and calling her “the whore of Babylon”, then her accusations just got worse. At one point I thought my daughter was going to be kicked out of her own school because of the severity of the accusations against her. That little bitch told the school that my daughter assaulted her, then she tried to convince them that daughter had tried to set her on fire while yelling “burn the witch!” Ha ha. Like the daughter of a good upstanding pillar of the community and a Reverend such as myself would act like that. These people are fucking pathetic. Her parents were probably junkies anyway. I was quite pleased when they moved to another town.


The way I hear it, after a few hundred anonymous letters were sent to all the homes in their area, telling them the father was a convicted child molester, things got a little crazy. Rocks and shit were thrown at them in the street, and it was really only a matter of time until they left. It was fucking beautiful. It’s good to know that when we have God on our side nothing can stop us. Hallelujah!